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Nesmuk Janus Cook's knife limited

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made in Germany
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Product Description

Nesmuk Janus Cook's knife limited: tradition and progress in a limited edition. This is number 50/100-2016. Made in Germany.

Nesmuk presents the JANUS Chef's knife for the first time as limited edition with a Wenge handle.  The Nesmuk JANUS combines Nesmuk’s craftsmanship and the extensive experience with state-of-the-art materials and production methods. The peculiarity of the JANUS collection is the quality DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating. This coating technology was developed to meet special needs and is used in medical technology, aerospace and Formula 1 engines. The only a few-micron-thick but extremely hard amorphous carbon layer is insensitive to acids, bases, extreme temperatures and similar aggressive actions. Depending on application, there are a variety of different DLC coatings; for Nesmuk JANUS an extremely hard (2,300 Vickers) and relatively opaque (deep black) coating variant is used, which is characterized by low friction values and enormous scratch resistance. The patented Nesmuk steel also contains the rare element niobium which ensues the finest possible steel structure coupled with corrosion resistance. At the same time, a higher mechanical strength is achieved, making the blade stronger and more robust. The end result is an exquisite sharpness and increased service life and cutting performance.
Nesmuk Janus Chef's knife wenge. Limited edition 100/100 2016. Blade: niobium steel, 60 HRC, one-sided hollow grind, DLC coating. Collar: polished stainless steel, engraving of individual edition number. Handle: wenge. Blade length 185 mm. The natural striations of the handle may be different from that reproduced on the image. Each Nesmuk JANUS knife is shipped in a high-quality, matte box. 

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