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Nesmuk Janus pink folder

Our reference: 107-11/601286N | Series: Nemsuk Discounted prices | Producer:
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made in Germany
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Product Description

Nesmuk Janus folder: perfected and refined. Nesmuk Solingen Germany Janus pink folder

The Nesmuk JANUS free lock folder is equipped with a blade made of special stainless steel distinguished by a very fine microstructure. A high-quality matt black DLC coating (diamond-like carbon; a 3 μ thick, amorphous carbon coating) further enhances the outstanding friction properties and thus significantly improves the cutting performance of the 58 HRC hard blade. The pocket knives of the JANUS edition are available with handles of piano lacquer black, blue, white, orange, pink or of silver.Each pocketknife is unique from the blade over the spring up to the bezel. Clear aesthetics, the specific shape of the blade and the unusual steel selection make Nesmuk folders the ideal choice for cutting meat in a stylish and respectful way even away from home. They are a clear statement for gourmets who know how to appreciate the extraordinary.
All of Nesmuk folding knives / pocketknives contain no visible nuts or screws. Because of the Nesmuk folder’s extremely low gap tolerance, the fitting of spring and blade must be accurate to a hundredth. Designed as a classical slip joint, the 8.5 cm long blade is positioned and held in place only by a backstrap that counteracts to a weight of approx. 600 g. For safety reasons, the blade is opened or closed with a stop-off at 90 degrees. Nesmuk JANUS folders / pocketknives are delivered in a high- quality case together with a certificate of authenticity and a leather pouch.

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