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Nesmuk Knife Rail

Our reference: 119-10/100784 | Series: Nemsuk Discounted prices | Producer:
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made in Germany
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Product Description

Nesmuk Knife Rail - Clarity and straight lines: Nesmuk's knife rail stays discreetly in the background in order to put Nesmuk's high-class knives into focus.

It is made of high-gloss polished chromed aluminium and its integrate high-performance magnets hold up to four knives perfectly. The blades are protected by embedded rubber cord edges. A wall mount is included. Approx. 250 mm. Weight 980 g. Made in Solingen, Germany. Packaging: high-quality box. Knives not included!
The name Nesmuk embodies the perfect interplay of tradition and personal experience, skilled precision craftsmanship and uncompromising functionality. Nesmuk Accessories: the next level of perfection!

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