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About us

La Bottega del Coltello is a constantly evolving micro - company. In our warehouses there are more than 5,000 different articles, almost 4,000 of which are on sale online. Don't be fooled by appearances and visit us: you will discover that... the small barrel preserves the best wine!

Tarcisio Ambrosioni stubborn forger and scissors maker, in 1962, for health reasons, must leave his dear Premana to search for alternative solution for his usual job, that he has been advised not to continue. With the support of his wife Anna he takes over a shop of sharpening, grinding and the sale of cutlery in Bergamo. The adventure is difficult, rich only of sacrifices, but the mountain temper at the end prevails upon the fate and the ability wins on everything.
Gratifies and profits arrive, "La Bottega del Coltello starts to have a shape.

Eligio, in the Casino in S. Pellegrino Terme (BG), illustrates the world of kitchen knives to chefs associated with 'Italian Hospitality'.

Eligio Ambrosioni was born in 1958 in Premana, only son of Tarcisio and Anna. He starts to co-operate with his father in the activity of selling and grinding in 1972. He is married with Silvana, they have a son, his name is Yuri. Not satisfied of the work and of the customers consideration, he starts to such for contacts and co-operates with artisans famous sporting cutlers and collectors, in order to have information and knowledge useful to carry on always professionally the activity of Knife-grinder. This choice is important: in 1983 grinding blades of big dimensions starts. Today these blades are grinded for big butchering centres in all Italy and overseas. In 1986 after a meeting with ceramic blade sellers, Eligio decides to equip the work-shop for grinding blades in oxide of zirconium material not well known. The sale of knives for collectors and not goes on very well and the quantity of important and exclusive pieces gives prestige to the "Bottega", which continues to be a little artisan reality and starts to find its place in national collecting level.

Eligio's philosophy privileges the culture of knives instead of business and for this philosophy of learning and making in 1995 he organized the first damascus forging, demonstration held at the "Bottega" opened to the public and also to this participates the cutler Christian Moretti. In 1996 for the demonstration of forging twisted and composite damascus, took part the french Henri Viallon . Thanks to the co-operation of Santino Ballestra first and after of Benedetto Valoti for two demonstrations of forging always opened to the public, we celebrated the beginning of "Associazione degli Arrotini e delle Coltellerie" o "Association of Knife-grinder and cutlery" 1999. On 2000, also thanks to Edoardo - a new member of the "Bottega" - and to friends that have always stimulated the curiosity and enterprises, starts the website where you can have all types of information concerning cutting articles. And starts the website with e-commerce, for give you the opportunity to shop on-line.

In the year 2012 Ambrosioni family celebrates 50 years of activity in its shop in Via Alberto Pitentino n. 2/b, in Bergamo (Italy). In 2021 the decision to discontinue the sharpening service, and in 2022 the celebrations for the shop's 60th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of Eligio Ambrosioni activity, who proudly carries on the family business by combining tradition and innovation. From the beginning of the activity to nowadays, we have always the same wish to offer to our customers a careful and professional service, who also have the possibility of purchasing online. We like to believe that our site is anything but special effects. On the contrary, the simplicity with which it is enriched on a daily basis leaves imperfections that, we hope, help to diminish the distance between us and our visitors, making everything more human-scale. Happy browsing!

Eligio Ambrosioni
La Bottega del Coltello s.n.c. di Ambrosioni Eligio & C.
via Alberto Pitentino, 2/b - 24124 Bergamo Italy
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The interior of La Bottega del Coltello in Via Pitentino, following the complete renovation of the shop in 2021.
The interior of La Bottega del Coltello in Via Pitentino, following the complete renovation of the shop in 2021.