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Nesmuk Soul paring knife

Our reference: 106-11/447950 | Series: Nemsuk Discounted prices | Producer:
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made in Germany
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Product Description

Nesmuk Soul, paring knife: the blade design, outstanding cutting performance and balance between sharpness and useful life perfectly reflect the "essence" of this type of knife.

The blade is made of rust-proof high performance steel containing niobium for excellent edge retention and strength, as well as a very fine cutting edge and sharpening angle. The collar of Nesmuk Soul is made of stainless steel. The solid handle is ergonomically designed to fit the hand. Certified steel hardness of 61 (+/-1) HRC. Blade length 9 cm.

The basic form of the Nesmuk knife follows a type of knife that has existed for 3.500 years. Inspired by the aesthetic appeal efficient functionally and logical shape of this original knife Nesmuk has re-interpreted and perfected it. Nesmuk Soul: the essence of Nesmuk!

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