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Four-sided strop Nesmuk

Our reference: 119-10/100785 | Series: Nemsuk Discounted prices | Producer:
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made in Germany
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Product Description

Four-sided strop Nesmuk, solid oak wood provided with three different diamond past and one natural for finishing.

Four-sided handmade strop for a professional final blade polish. This very efficient strop is a new development by Nesmuk that restores the original sharpness of chef's knives with lasting effect. Three of the four strips of leather on the stable, oiled oak core have diamond pastes with different degrees of fineness applied to them. The fourth side without diamond paste is used to polish and care for the blade's cutting edge, like a barber would polish his razor in the olden days. Sharpening premium knives on whetstones as recommended involves considerable effort. But with the new Nesmuk strop it only takes one minute at the most to restore the blade's original sharpness. Also, "stropping" is a very simple procedure. Total length 325 mm. Packaging: high-quality box.

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