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Cutting board natural Nesmuk

Our reference: 197-17/001602M | Series: Nemsuk Discounted prices | Producer:
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made in Germany
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Product Description

Cutting board natural Nesmuk, large size: unique quality, timeless beauty and aesthetic appeal. 

Nesmuk - Cutting board - L size 435 x 305 x 40 mm - NATURAL version
The Nesmuk cutting boards are distinguished by their unique quality, timeless beauty and aesthetic appeal. They are made with meticulous care from best southern German oak. Only the hardest part of the wood – the crossgrain wood – is used.
Oak has a high tannic acid content. As a result it has natural antibacterial properties and satisfies high hygiene requirements. The individual slats are all-heart wood and handpicked to ensure optimum quality. These living structures are then precisely assembled to create a typical, symmetrical pattern that is enhanced by the simple shape of the boards. Each one is absolutely unique. A very fine surface polish and subsequent treatment with linseed oil plus beeswax produces a silky surface sheen and exclusive appearance. The cutting board has two wide grip indents and a generously-dimensioned juice groove which is very easy to clean. Six rubber grip feet are integrated in the underside to anchor the board for safe cutting.

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