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Kai Shi Hou IV Tanto slicer

Our reference: 113-17/470012H | Series: Kai Limited Edition | Producer:

1895 €

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made in Japan
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Product Description

Kai Shi Hou IV Tanto slicer is a masterpiece of the Japanese blacksmith's art limited to a series of 200 and is handcrafted in the forge of Seki in line with ancient Samurai tradition.

The Kai Shi Hou IV Tanto slicer combines exclusive design with high-quality material features as well as lasting sharpness. The precise blade with its damask steel grain represents the perfect art of a traditional Samurai sword: its slightly curved base and the bevelled tip of the blade as well as the long, saber-like styling are unique characteristics of a Tanto, the classic Japanese dagger. Hardness 60±1 HRC. The handle is made of best-quality bruyère wood (burl wood of the briar) and ensures that every knife is a valuable collector's item.

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