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Truffle slicer Xfetta Sanelli

Our reference: 106-11/440362LTR | Series: I Sanelli | Producer:

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made in Italy
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Product Description

Truffle slicer Xfetta Sanelli is the ohe one and only fixed blade one-piece truffle slicer with incredible cutting performances. Project by Davide Oldani, chef.

XFETTA is an innovative tool, performant, effective, designed and engineered to enhance truffle excellence and exploit its taste in the best possible way. The outstanding design with the asymmetrical handle and its special sharpening grants a clean and immediate cut, always constant and ideal for the Truffle, that is then never wasted. Thanks to FIXED BLADE you don’t have to worry about regulating the cutting thickness, since it’s always constant for every slice of your truffle. XFETTA took its unique shape after these two thoughts: the fixed blade, unique feature allowing to overcome the problem of cutting regulation, obtaining a constant and thin truffle slice, is both a manufacturing challenge and a cooking innovation, expression of the important partnership between the Chef and the Manufacturer.
XFETTA Nitro-B, made with Nitro-B, a special steel specifically developed to achieve highly effective cutting performances. Thanks to the addition of nitrogen combined with an attentive and particular heat treatment, this special steel reaches high hardness, ensuring an excellent sharpening power and constant cutting performance over time.
On this site you will also find XFETTA LIMITED EDITION, Special limited edition, only 50 pieces manufactured, made of Damasteel DS93XTM, a sinterized high-end damascus steel. Damascus steel is a material with a millennial history and incomparable cutting performances, turning XFETTA into a work of art of both technique and design.

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