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Feather Safety Razor AS-D2 Double Edged

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made in Japan
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Product Description

Feather AS-D2 Double Edged Safety Razor stainless steel made in Japan

Made from 100% stainless steel the Feather AS-D2 safety razor is a work of art.
Make no mistake - the Feather Safety Razor is for connoisseurs of fine engineering and beauty. The three piece design is finished in brushed, satin steel which gives it a wonderful modern look. This is a high precision razor, the razor is perfectly balanced so that the weight is in the head not the handle so you get meaningful feedback from the blade when shaving.

Internally the top plate has raised corners that the blade sits in, the demanding tolerances Feather use ensures the blade sits exactly bang on centre to give an even blade expsoure on either side of the cutting head. The knurled handle has a nice deep knurl to ensure a firm grip. Especially good for those looking for a non aggressive shave, this razor is an absolute joy to use.

The face has 'FEATHER ALL STAINLESS RAZOR' etch washed into the face. 91 g in weight and 98 mm long, the Feather feels just right when held. The optimum shaving angle needed for the Feather is around 45 degrees to the face compared to most DE razors which vary from 15-30 degrees.
Works best with Feather Razor Blades as this combination has an extremely sharp blade set in a non aggressive razor leading to less irritation, razor burn and razor bumps.

Comes to you in a really smart sparkly, burgundy coloured presentation box and a packet of Feather Razor Blades.

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Rasoio super!!! Non ci sono confronti con gli altri soprattutto se armato con la sua lametta fether

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