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Feather blade PG-15 Professional super blade

Our reference: 210-69/692636D | Producer:

18 €

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made in Japan
9 pc. available

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Product Description

Feather blade PG-15 Professional super blade with 15 blades each box

Pro Guard PG-15 for razor Feather
Cardboard box with 15 Feather professional blades PG-15. Guarded razor blade. The semicircular guard (patented) offers soft feeling and makes safe and smooth stroke, and long-duration. Blade dimensions: 50mm x; thickness: 0.35mm. Blade exposure Artist Club Razors: 1.2 mm.
Each blade features triple grinding for the optimal edge angle. In addition to the sharpness, each blade also features a double coating (platinun alloy and resin) for extra strength and durability.

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