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Set of 3 Naniwa sharpening stones

Our reference: 104-15/171827 | Series: Naniwa Stones | Producer:

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made in Japan
2 pc. available

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Product Description

Set of 3 Naniwa sharpening stones, Gouken series, of different colors and grains, to revive the cutting edge of pruning shears.

The set of three Naniwa sharpening stones includes: art. QA-0362 Yellow stone 3000grit, QA-0361 Red stone 1000grit, QA-0360 Blue stone 220grit, each packaged in a transparent plastic box. All stones have the following dimensions: 132 x 19 x 25mm and can also be purchased individually. To be used wet, preferably with water or specific oil for stones.

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