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Slicer 270 mm by Masahiro

Our reference: 105-17/110128A | Series: Masahiro MV-H | Producer:

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made in Japan
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Product Description

Slicer by Masahiro, with a 270mm stainless steel blade that becomes incredibly hard with HRC 58 to 59.

Masahiro 14918 MV-H Slicer knife with a 270 mm blade length. Packaging: cardboard box.
Masahiro kitchen knives are made of Masahiro original stainless steel: MBS-26  (carbon contained 0.85-0.95%), and the knife blade from MBS-26 is treated by 3 stages of heating processes: quenching, sub-zero treating and tempering, and the stainless steel becomes incredibly hard with HRC 58 to 59. Each knife blade is sharpened to the perfect edge by craftsmen with more than 30 years' experiences, and you will find unbelievable sharp edge that could not be found anywhere. The handle is made by POM material which is remarkably durable, and its arranged as antibacterial, which keeps the knife very hygienic in daily use.

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