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Super Gou Ypsilon Chef's knife

Our reference: 097-11/262076 | Series: Super Gou | Producer:

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made in Japan
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Product Description

Super Gou Ypsilon Chef's knife: exceptionally beautiful and perfectly crafted, delivers supreme performance and is a pleasure to use. 

Art. 37200 Cook's knife 200mm blade length with Wooden Katana sheath. Made in Japan by Yaxell.
On we find: "Yaxell Super GOU YPSILON was created as an upgrade model of Super GOU 161 layers - the 2017 No.1 rated knife by USA. From the SG2 Micro-Carbide powder stainless steel cutting core to the 193-layer blade and its elegant black micarta handle with the inlaid samurai family crest, every element to be our TOP MODEL kitchen knife is featured in the product. The blade hardness is 63 Rockwell. Exceptionally beautiful and perfectly crafted, Yaxell Super GOU YPSILON delivers supreme performance and is a pleasure to use. On the blade, four Japanese Characters are engraved meaning ‘Super GOU, the Samurai Spirit’. YPSILON - the new model’s name - comes from the letter ‘Y’ in German language. The Y represents the Yaxell logo. A nice looking wooden Katana sheath is included in the product. "

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