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Resolza Black folder

Our reference: 199-11/261346G | Series: E.R. light folders | Producer:

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made in Italy
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Product Description

Resolza Black folder is a typical Italian knife. RESOLZA is an ancient name, reminiscent of the Italian word for razor.

The centuries old Sardinian “resolza” one of the best-known traditional knives in our country – to this day it’s been the constant companion to island farmers and shepherds in their everyday work. It followed them even when they were called to war: chronicles of the Sassari Brigade during World War I mention the knife as part of the troopers’ equipment. Extrema Ratio's attempt to revisit this traditional design according to its own standards is meant as a tribute, not to disregard Sardinian craftsmen still practicing the old ways of knife-making and keeping ancestral traditions alive. This RESOLZA retains proportions, but is produced with the usual Extrema Ratio high-end materials and technologies. The handle was redesigned, while the blade more faithfully approaches a traditional shape. As an improvement on tradition, Extrema Ratio added a blade-locking mechanism.
Small size - Weight oz. 1.26 - Blade Length 3.11" - Blade Thickness 0.12" - Blade Material: Böhler N690 steel (58HRC) - Blade Finishing: MIL-C-13924 burnishing - Main Grid: flat - Handle Material: anticorodal anodized aluminum - Packaging: cardboard box.

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