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Victorinox Limited Edition 2020 classic

Our reference: 106-11/140373A | Series: Limited Edition 2020 | Producer:

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made in Switzerland
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Product Description

Victorinox Limited Edition 2020 Classic aqua blue

It's a new year, and that means there's a beautiful new color for the Alox Limited Edition. But there's more to these knives than just a gorgeous shade of orchid. The celebrated Alox scales have been upgraded with a process called Eloxal, which uses anodic oxidation to create an extra layer of protection against damage and corrosion. Available in three sizes, and only f Each edition is limited to one year and the corresponding year is engraved on the back of the pocket knives. The range includes: the Classic (58mm), the Cadet (84mm), and the Pioneer (93mm). This year's models are characterized by aqua blue Alox scales. The Alox scales are punched from aluminium, embossed and then anodized in a subsequent process stage. The Eloxal process uses anodic oxidation to create a protective layer and gives the scales its color. The layer of oxide is hard and provides addition scale protection against damage and corrosion. The layer can wear depending on use. 
Item 0.6221.L20 Clasic - Functions: blade, small; scissors; nail file; screwdriver 2.5 mm; key ring. Net weight: 17 g Size: 58 mm Packaging: cardboard box.
WARNING: the image can be cumulative, the price refers to Classic model. 

Series Description

Annual editions in dedicated or limited and / or numbered quantities.

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