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Cheese Master compact pocket knife

Our reference: 105-11/510150D | Series: Everyday | Producer:

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made in Switzerland
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Product Description

Cheese Master, compact pocket knife created by Victorinox in collaboration with the Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG. 8 functions.

Victorinox Item number 0.8313.W Exceptional cheese and exacting engineering are just two of Switzerland’s finest exports. The Cheese Master is the pioneering compact pocket knife that fuses both of these national passions. Part cheese knife, part fondue fork, this clever hybrid effortlessly slices through holey Emmental and nutty Gruyère then doubles to tackle your cheese fondue. Tools: fondue fork, bottle opener, large lock blade with wavy edge, corkscrew, key ring, tweezers, toothpick, cheese blade. Dimensions: Height 0.7 in - Length 4.4 in - Net weight 4.4 oz. Packaging: cardboard box.
Victorinox combines tradition and innovation with a great care for people and the environment.

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