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Feather Shears blades 50/55

Our reference: 198-10/691712 | Series: Feather Shears | Producer:

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made in Japan
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Product Description

Feather Shears blades 50/55: "No Nip" tip, ice-tempered steel, save time & money, razor sharp blades, no tools necessary. Made in Japan.

Feather #433004 F1-10-155 shears blades for switch blade shears. Packaging: as the image.
Feather has perfected the art of replacement blade cutlery, offering state-of-the-art blades guaranteed to meet the demands of today's precision stylists. Easy to use and always razor sharp, Feather blades promise performance excellence with every cut. For the highest quality and the lowest price, insist on Feather blades...the professional's choice for the modern salon.

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