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Safety razor Piccolo Special Edition

Our reference: 187-31/122598 | Series: Fatip safety razor | Producer:

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made in Italy
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Product Description

Safety razor Piccolo Special Edition: unmissable, a “jewel” of refinement and stylistic perfection, with two heads, to face any kind of beard and growth. Fatip Premana Italy.

The PICCOLO razor, definitely an icon for many fans, comes in a new version Black & Gold with the handle and the top of the head in the color metallic black while the two combs supplied have the gold finish .
The end result is really elegant and precious.
With this product, every traditional shaving enthusiast can try out the experience of two heads: the Original head with open comb ensures that the razor works well with different lengths of beard growth with a very accurate and deep shave; the Gentile head with closed comb protects the skin from exposure of the blade and softens its passage, while ensuring excellent results in terms of depth of shaving. PICCOLO SPECIAL EDITION Weight: 70 g / Total length – 80 mm / Length Handle – 71 mm / Width head – 42 mm. Package: cardboard box.

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