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Prestige Range X1 Carbon razor

Our reference: 107-11/173746S | Series: Bolin Webb grooming | Producer:

370 €

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made in United Kingdom
1 pc. available

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Product Description

Prestige Range X1 Carbon razor is a supreme combination of premium materials and award-winning design.

Bolin Webb, Prestige Range, X1 Carbon Razor & Stand - Gillette Mach3 Blade
Carbon fibre - a state-of-the-art fabric used by the leading supercar marques of the world. The unique fibre panel capping Bolin Webb's X1 razor is made in England with precision tooling, and hand crafted for a perfect fit and finish. The X1 Carbon top panel is made by Reverie - Britain's leading supplier of fibre components to the world-class UK motor-sports industry. The panel is hand laid, cut by computer-controlled CNC tooling, cured and carefully trimmed to size. The panel is hand sprayed with five layers of acrylic clear coat to give depth of finish and long lasting quality. Beautifully presented in a black-lacquered box with Bolin Webb's distinctive razor stand.

Bolin Webb founder Derrick Webb says: "The Prestige Range is a luxury selection of premium razors. We are committed to bring appealing and functional design into the world of men's shaving. These razors are to use, amire and enjoy".

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