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Survival S.E.R.E. 2 G.O.I.

Our reference: 107-11/14 3755 | Series: E.R. daggers | Producer:

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made in Italy
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Product Description

Survival, S.E.R.E. 2 G.O.I. by Extrema Ratio has been adopted by Italian Navy Special Forces and is the development of S.E.R.E. 1.

This variant has been redesigned following the requests of the Italian Navy Seals.
The acronym stands for “Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape”, the four cornerstone concepts for training courses administered to high risk of capture military personnel.
S.E.R.E. 2 G.O.I. is projected both as point works and cutting works. The unique grip, unlike the classic blades of this type, is designed to be wielded with the blade projecting between index and middle finger, forming a single straight line from blade-tip to wrist, and also allowing for reverse grip. The handle has the same ergonomics as the butt of a firearm; this grip allows an instinctive and immediate use. The tip is shaped to maximize penetration, while its deltoid profile grants it toughness.
One edge is partially serrated – useful for cutting ropes – while the opposite edge features a standard design halyard-cutter, which has interchangeable blades.
The central blade hole, which has the dual function of making the blade lighter and turn-crickets, recalls the maritime origins of its creators. The peculiarity of the knife is that it has been specifically designed to be used even without the handle; the two holes in the part dedicated to the handle facilitate assembly.
The kydex sheath has a basic retention that can be used alone for operators who need extremely fast knife use, and a removable locking lock if necessary. The knife comes with double safe to be fixed both on right and left side. An insert with a flat-blade screwdriver is available as an accessory.
It comes with belt clip for belt fastening and paracord for fixing on the M.O.L.L.E. system.
TECHNICAL SHEET - Weight g.:306 Weight oz.:10,79 - Blade Length (mm):148 Blade Length (in):5,826 - Total Length (mm):217 Total Length (in):8,543 - Blade Thickness (mm):6,3 Blade Thickness (in):0,248 - Blade Material:BöHLER N690 STEEL (58HRC) -  Blade Finishing:MIL-C-13924 BURNISHING - Main Grid:FLAT - Serration (in):1,968 - Serration (mm):50 - Handle Material:FORPRENE. Package: blak cardboard box.
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